Arabian Stud

The Lunzenhof Stud Farm: Breeding Arabian Horses is our Passion.

For nearly 20 years we have been breeding famous fine straight Egyptian horses . We are devoted to the straight Egyptian bloodlines. With the aim o preserving both, the history of the world-renowned Arabian horse and knowledge about their specific background of origin. This knowledge feeds into our techniques for the gene pool of breeding. We also aim to show how with high quality breeding the horses have a strong future for shows and performance on high levels. With our breeding program we want to preserve the vitality, the beauty and intelligence, the spirit and nobility of these magnificent straight Egyptian Arabs, that have their origin in the Arabian Peninsula.

Every filly that is born to us makes that day a feast. It fills us with deep gratitude, when the beauty of our horses brings joy to others. That is why we show our horses at internationally renowned shows. Breeding means to better the race, we try to meet a high standard and this has to be undertaken with great responsibility. For this reason, only the best stallions are good enough for our high quality mares.

Our home is the historical Lunzenhof farm, located in a picturesque valley in the northern parts of the Black Forest, South-West Germany. The family owned farm has been created as a true paradise for us and our horses.

Our facilities are superb, we have large light boxes, there are 20 hectares of grazing land, an indoor riding arena, training facilities, sand paddocks and, of course, the loving and professional care ensures that the horses feel comfortable.

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