15-year Anniversary of Lunzenhof Stud Farm Attracted Huge Crowds of Visitors

Even in our wildest dreams we hadn’t expected that thousands of visitors from all over the region and far beyond would come to our little village of Gruen. The open day to mark the 15 year anniversary of Lutzenhof stud farm provided for a real festival atmosphere in splendid summer weather at a scale the place had not seen before.

Stars in the limelight were the Arabian horses that were presented to a crowd of people so large as we had hardly ever had before. We are extremely pleased that our festival could, in such a wonderful way, promote these noble animals with their philanthropic nature.

The undisputed star of Lunzenhof stud, Al Lahab, was the center of attention: Hundreds of hands sought contact with Al Lahab, who once again enjoyed being in the limelight and impressing the audience with his patience, gentleness and beauty. Once more, we thank Al Lahab’s coach Frank Spoenle, who conducted this presentation in the same outstanding way as he does his horse shows.

Thanks also to Andrew Schlicht, who hosted the horse presentation in a professional manner, and to Susi Poth, who provided the background music. Thanks also to all the hardworking volunteers who were busy behind – and in front of – the curtains to make our festival take place as smoothly as it did, even though the scope was well beyond what we had planned for.

Again, we thank all our guests for their visits, for their great interest in our horses and our farm. The hours passed in a flash, but will have a place in our hearts forever. This festival was unique! Our horses made a great contribution, of course, but particularly all those people who attended our anniversary made the festival the huge success it was. We invite you now to enjoy the pictures of our open day.