The Lunzenhof Foundations Stock

“The mares are for setting the standard, and the stallion is for improving the details.”

If you adhere to this time-proven breeders’ proverb, any breeding operation with a working concept needs to start by choosing their foundation mares. There is no such thing as a perfect horse, but if the mares are of high quality, it is more easy to find a suitable stallion whose task is to improve certain aspects.

In the mid-90ies, the first mares started to fill the barns of Lunzenhof stud. They were two imports from the US, Flabys Shamoniet (Fa Ibn Sar x Flabys Bint Sharaf by Moniet El Sharaf) and Faras Jamila (Ansata Ibn Jamila x Faras Azali by Fehris). Somewhat later, UP Tamanny (Messaoud x Toka by El Moutawakil) was added, a mare who had been born in Germany. One common denominator for all of these mares was the fact, that they could tail their descent to the Arabian deserts and their ancestors had been bred by the Rualla Bedouins. All three of them were members of the Kuhaylan Rodan tail line and of the Riyala family. Many sources describe the horses of the Kuhaylan tail line as the original Arabians, the Arabians from which all other lines would descend later. The horses got their name from the black shading (Kohl) around their eyes. (Forbis)

Kuhaylan Arabians are strong, athletic horses originally, usually featuring a short head, broad forehead, good body structure, and well-expressed muscles. They are successful in all areas of horse sports.

From experience, it is sensible to mate these mares to a refined, extremely typey stallion, one who transmits lightness and Arabian noblesse to his offspring, a suitable fit to the good conformation and the athletic elegance that the dams carry.

When the noble Saglawi Jedran stallion Al Lahaab took his place in the Friedmanns’ barn, they had succeeded to build the foundations for offspring that are extraordinarily typey and great movers.