Al Lahab becomes silver Champion at the All Nations Cup

Once again, Al Lahab participates in one of the three biggest shows in the world: the All Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany. Presenting himself in good condition despite his 16 years of age, he displays all the know-how of a highly experienced show horse. Meanwhile, he is almost the only Straight Egyptian competing in the Open Class of an A show event – with the intention of winning, of course!

Al Lahab is a refined, extremely typey Siglawy stallion, a harmonious combination of Arabian noblesse and charisma – properties that are ever more hard to find in today’s stallion classes as they are being eliminated by criteria such as body size and a spectacular trot. For a show stallion, he is an old one, but for many spectators, what he embodies is modern times, is wishfulness, is the come-back of the elegance that has been lost: a flea-bitten grey with eyes as black as coal, and with his mouth so refined he might drink water from one of those small demitasse cups used for Turkish coffee. Which is probably one of the reasons why he has an enormous fan community made up from all factions that exist in line breeding. And even though his competitors chomped at their bits, keen on taking over, there were still enough judges in Aachen who took delight in his noblesse and chose him to be All Nations Reserve Champion.