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Al Lahab becomes silver Champion at the All Nations Cup

Once again, Al Lahab participates in one of the three biggest shows in the world: the All Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany. Presenting himself in good condition despite his 16 years of age, he displays all the know-how of a highly experienced show horse. Meanwhile, he is almost the only Straight Egyptian competing in the Open Class of an A show event – with the intention of winning, of course!

Al Lahab is a refined, extremely typey Siglawy stallion, a harmonious combination of Arabian noblesse and charisma – properties that are ever more hard to find in today’s stallion classes as they are being eliminated by criteria such as body size and a spectacular trot. For a show stallion, he is an old one, but for many spectators, what he embodies is modern times, is wishfulness, is the come-back of the elegance that has been lost: a flea-bitten grey with eyes as black as coal, and with his mouth so refined he might drink water from one of those small demitasse cups used for Turkish coffee. Which is probably one of the reasons why he has an enormous fan community made up from all factions that exist in line breeding. And even though his competitors chomped at their bits, keen on taking over, there were still enough judges in Aachen who took delight in his noblesse and chose him to be All Nations Reserve Champion.

VIDEO: Al Lahab: Conquering the World Once More

In cooperation with Ajman Stud, the Friedmann family decides to show Al Lahab again to his many fans in the international show ring. As always, he is shown by his coach and handler Frank Spoenle. The Italian cameraman Massimo Menghini films his departure from Lunzenhof stud farm in Germany.

2013 The Friedmann family can take a sigh of relief

2013 The Friedmann family can take a sigh of relief. All goes on, because Hannsjürgen Friedmann has got over his serious illness. His passion being near his horses, involved in caring and breeding, helped and motivated him. Also the birth of the 4 foals in 2013, F JANNAH, F TABASSAM, F TAALAH and F ASIR has surely contributed.
F JANNAH (F Sahhar Ibn Shamaal x F Jalaljil Al Lahab) is an extraordinarily highly bred filly with great breeding requisitions, to show or sportwise. She is a fascinating model for her type and elegant movement. Her sire is the well-known son of junior World Champion and European Champion F Shamaal. The dam F Jalajil is the daughter of Al Lahab. She originates back from the beautiful foundation mare (Ansata Ibn Jamila x Faras Azali).
F TABASSAM (Al Lahab x F Tahimaa) is a filly with great class. She belongs to the famous T-line of the Friedmann-s breeding project, which traces to the mare UP Tamanny (Messaoud x Toka) family tree. She was one of the foundation broodmares of the Lunzenhof. F Tabassam will follow the footsteps of the famous Al Lahab daughters in the world.

Al Lahab Titled Elite Stallion

We are extremely pleased: management and breeding committee of VZAP (the German Association of Breeders of Arabian Horses) have honored Al Lahab’s achievements in breeding and in the show circuit and rewarded him with the title of Elite stallion. Far more than 100 descendants of Al Lahab point out the stallion’s qualities as a sire. Internationally and also within VZAP, Al Lahab has produced a number of successful offspring. Some examples are mentioned here:
Al Milan out of Milena by Ibn Narav was awarded a Gold Ribbon at the VZAP Stallion Show. He is the winner of the National Championships of the VZAP and Champion at the International Horse Show in Stroehen.
El Sid out of Swana by Kubinec also won a Gold Ribbon at the VZAP Stallion Show in 2005. He was Senior Champion Reserve in Mion in 2008 and National Senior Champion in Aachen in 2008.
Mexx out of Arabest Mireeka by Ibn El Mareekh has also been awarded with a Gold Ribbon at the Stallion Show in 2007. He is the Champion Res of the Arabica 2008 show and Champion of the Egyptian Cup 2008.
El Palacio out of El Dorada by Sanadik El Shaklan won bronze at the Junior Stallions Championships at the World Championships 2009 in Paris.
Mahala, a mare out of Mahaisin by Al Kidir, was champion mare at the Egyptian Event 2008 and Champion Filly as well as Best Mare at the International Show in El Zahra, Cairo.
Pyramid Lanea, Pyramid Layyan, Pyramid Kahileh, Pyramid Nour el Nil, Pyramid Lutfiyah and Pyramid Lahara all have won international championship titles.
Titles as International Champions as well as titles as International Champions Reserve or premium foals were awarded to R Aziza, F Sana and F Tayyar.
In his show career, Al Lahab has gained an outstanding international reputation: Junior Champion Res at the All Nations Cup 2000, Junior European Champion in Verona 2001, World Champion 2006, World Champion Res 2009, Champion at the All Nations Cup in 2006 and 2009, Champion in Menton in 2009, Champion in Dubai in 2007 and 2010, and many more.
For the VZAP title of Elite stallion, which Al Lahab has now received at the end of his show career, we say thank you very much.

Al Lahab Is Champion of the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship

He came, saw and conquered! With pride and joy we have the pleasure to announce that at the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships, March 18-20, 2010, Al Lahab won not only the class of stallions ten years and older with 93.13 points followed by Om el Extreem and BS Sandhiran Summerfest, but also the title of Gold Champion of the Senior Male Championships.
Six of the seven judges saw Al Lahab as the distinct winner of the championship event that took place under the patronage of HH Sh. Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
As far back as 2007, Al Lahab won the championship in Dubai for the first time. Now our hearts are filled with gratitude and happiness that he was able to succeed for the second time. For the first time, the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship 2010 was declared one of only five World Title Shows. In addition to Dubai, Al Lahab was a two times winner at the All Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany. At the World Championship in Paris he was voted World Champion and Reserve World Champion for the second time, respectively.
In the hands of his coach Frank Spoenle, Al Lahab has now been successful for ten years. At this point we would like to express, with all our hearts, how grateful we are for the great job he has done with our stallion. Between Frank Spoenle and Al Lahab, there is more than just an excellent relationship during training sessions and shows. The two of them have become a team whose relation is based on friendship.

Al Lahab World Champion Res. in Paris

We are so happy: Al Lahab has crowned his highly successful show year with the title of World Champion Res at the Salon du Cheval de Paris. The Champion du Monde du Cheval Arabe was preceded by his victory in the senior stallions class and the prize for the best head.

Handled by Frank Spoenle, Al Lahab inspired thousands of enthusiastic visitors – not only with his unbeatable type, but also with outstanding movement. Al Lahab means “The Flame” and the fire of our stallion won the hearts of the audience at the World Championships by storm.

After his victories in Menton (France) and at the All Nations Cup in Aachen (Germany), and now with the title of Reserve World Champion in Paris, Al Lahab has gained himself and forever a place in the exclusive group of the most successful Arabian stallions of all time.

We thank Frank Spoenle for this excellent performance. Another big “thank you” to the countless well-wishers who shared our happiness about the great success of Al Lahab.

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