In 2015, four foals were born in Lunzenhof stud

On April 12th, we welcomed F Shadiyah. She is inbred to Al Lahab via her sire F Jazim Ibn Al Lahab as well as via her dam F Shayma. That double grandfather, Al Lahab, is easily apparent in her type and her refined elegance. Via her damline, she also tails back to Flabys Shamoniet, one of the successful foundation mares of Friedmann breeding.

On April 18th, F Jessenia was born. Her sire, F Sahhar Ibn Shamaal, is a son of F Shamaal, the successful multiple champion that is now stabled in Al Khalediah Stud. Her dam, F Jalajil Bint Al Lahab, is an extremely beautiful daughter of World Champion Stallion Al Lahab. F Jessenia is another offspring of her parents that displays that extreme type. Just like F Shadiyah, she is a Kuhayla Rodanya from the Riyala family.

Two months later, two colts were born. On June 2nd, it was strong and charismatic F Marzug. He is by the international multiple champion and champion inheritor Farhoud Al Shaquab, the most famous son world-wide of Al Adeed Al Shaqab. His dam is F Marisi, a daughter of the Ansata Sinan offspring Mishhal HP. Her dam F Majidah, in her turn, tails back to the foundation mare Faras Jamila and to Maysoun who was repeatedly used in the stud, proving himself a successful inheritor.

The year’s last foal was F Shahaab (Egyptian related). His birthday was June 22nd, and he is another son of Al Lahab, out of F Siraja. This mare is the product of a mating that is somewhat unusual for Friedmann breeding, as her dam had been serviced by WH Justice. With that mating, Hansjuergen Friedmann wanted to test the success of this outcross combination in shows. The test was successful, as F Siraja collected lots of show successes in a short time. It’s highly probable she transferred this quality to her first-born offspring, but as to the extreme type this colt displays, Al Lahab is sure to have contributed his genetic part.

F Shadiyah IMG_8355 IMG_8449 IMG_8634